Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's never to early to start thinking about the science fair! Here are books
that are available at the Rieke Library to help you create a project:

How to save the planet

Reducing, reusing, and recycling

This is our earth

My first green book

50 simple things kids can do to save the earth

Coastal rescue: preserving our seashores

Come back, salmon: how a group of dedicated kids adopted Pigeon Creek

Common ground: the water, earth, and air we share

Dinosaurs to the rescue: a guide to protecting our planet

Earth Day

Earth Day: keeping our planet clean

Cartons, cans, and orange peels: where does you garbage go?

Earth friends at home

Earth friends at play

Earth friends at school

Earth friends at the grocery store


Recycle: a handbook for kids

Recycle that!


Recyclopedia: games, science equipment, and crafts from recycled materials

Something old, something new: recycling

Lots of Rot

Super Science Projects about Earth: Soil and Water

Teaching Kids To Love the Earth

Worms Eat My Garbage

Nature Detectives

Science Fun with Peanuts and Popcorn

How a Seed Grows

Plant Experiments

39 Easy Plant Biology Experiments

Simple Science Experiments with Water

Experiments with Chemistry

Experiments with Water

Geology Rocks! 50 Hands On Activities to Explore The Earth

Stellar Science Projects About Earth's Sky

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