Friday, February 11, 2011

Sustainability - What is a Wants vs Needs

This month we are focusing on wants vs. needs. Your child learned what we “need” to survive and sustain a happy, healthy life and how that differs from what we want to have in the way of possessions.

Please take some time to review what your child learned and check out some or all of these websites.

Check out the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child and download the game to help facilitate a discussion in your family about wants and needs

PBS site has lots of games and resources to explore the idea of wants vs. needs and how to save money.

Explore consumerism with your older kids. How do advertisers target your kids? This website has some interesting lesson plans and ideas to bring up at the dinner table

Before you consume (or go shopping), check out these sites

Responsible Shopper:

PBS: Affluenza:

Media Awareness Network:

Black Rhinoceros:

New Road Map Foundation:

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