Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Styrofoam Recycling Drive

The Maplewood and Rieke Green Teams collected 40 cubic yards of styrofoam in 3 hours on Sunday! Big thanks to our volunteers - the students loved smashing the styrofoam to fit it into the bin.


  1. Used Styrofoam, also called EPS or expandable polystyrene foam, is light, hygienic and commonly used to pack food, drinks, fragile and deformable goods.Usually, Styrofoam products are 98% air and only 2% PS. It has been a big environmental problem due to the fact that the material is difficult to recycle and costly to transport.

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  2. We all know that Styrofoam is full of air and difficult to transport. However, our company INTCO has several machines which can deal with the problem. The machine can compact or melt the Styrofoam into blocks or ingots. And then we can reuse the resources to do other products such as floor bricks. You can get more information from our website: http://www.intcorecycling.com/styrofoam-recycling-solutions.html