Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Late Start Lounge

This month we focused on Recycling and Reuse. We started with a recycling relay outside; the students worked as a team to sort different plastics, metals, and other objects into the correct bins - curbside recycling, Farwest Fibers/Recology, and trash/reuse. Once we came back in the classroom they were able to reuse plastics to create squares for the International Plastic Quilt Project. Their quilt squares will be displayed at Rieke next week. For more recycling activities, check out these websites with your child:

Try going to ‘Recycle City’, a website from the EPA

This site has several recycling games and activities for rainy weekends or summer projects:

Cut down on your junk mail at
Have your child find the catalogs that you don’t want and located the customer numbers on the labels to help you opt-out of mailings.

Take the ‘Trash and Climate Change’ challenge

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